• THE ADJUSTABLE SOLUTION Louvered Roofs We've designed out louvers to rotate 180 degrees to create shade in any space. This allows you to create the right amount of shade regardless of the suns position. The louvers are engineered to interlock when fully closed, chaneling water into an integrated gutter system. Pergola THE COOL SOLUTION The Arcadia makes your space cooler with the touch of a button, providing an enjoyable outdoor experience without blocking your view of the sky. You and your guests stay cool while limiting your exposure to the intense Florida sun. With many requiring protection from the harmful effects of sun exposure, Arcadia is your SPF solution. THE SMART SOLUTION The patented Arcadia system has a full compliment of advanced technologies. The result is the fingertip control and dynamic connection with your outdoor space. Our new iLouver technolgy is a smartphone app that provides you with a variety of preset options (available October 1, 2015). Programable Smartphone App (available 10/15) Rain & Wind Sensors Electric / Solar or Manual Operating Systems Motorized Drive System (UL & CE Certified)

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